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Download 3d-Dig New Products Brochure (PDF 38Mb)

Download 3d-Dig New Products Brochure (PPS 34Mb)

After many years of development a completely new version of 3d-Dig, to be known as 3d-DigPlus is now released. This new system incorporates six new modules in addition to the existing modules:The 3d-DigPlus mining simulation system provides:

  • Automated and Excavation sequencing. Excavation is automatically executed according to a schedule and material reports automatically to a dump hierarchy.
  • Truck and Shovel simulation. Full simulation of truck and shovel operations is conducted. Material is automatically excavated and dumped in accordance with a schedule and each increment is simulated with a haul route connecting excavation and dump.
  • Environmental Reshaping. The post mining topography can be reshaped in a manner that conforms to design slope criteria, balances cut and fill and minimises transport distance. This module includes a Transportation Analysis which models incremental movement of parcels of material from cut to fill and produces a set of transport vectors indicating the required spoil movement.

  • Dragline Simulation. In addition to the traditional Single-Step Dragline Simulation for which 3d-Dig is well known, work has recently been completed on an Automated Dragline Simulation module. This module is now incorporation into 3d-DigPlus.
  • Bulldozer simulation. Bulldozing operations are simulated in an incremental fashion. The simulation commences with a blast profile and progresses via a series of incremental surfaces to the final target surface. Bulldozer movements and productivity are modelled for each step of the process.
  • Dragline Truck Shovel Integration. This module rapidly simulates multiple strips of dragline operation producing a pre-strip horizon and spoil profile for each strip. Other functions allow the rapid design of spoil dumps to accommodate pre-strip material and in conjunction with other modules the life of pit can be modelled incrementally block by block and strip by strip.