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3d-Dig 2000 is a system designed to model mining processes. It is based on a 3 dimensional digital terrain modelling engine. Unlike conventional systems, which provide for independent construction of completed pits and spoil dumps, 3d-Dig allows for the modelling of the excavation, dumping and spoil transport processes. The 3d-Dig 2000 program is supported by an array of modelling and visualization functionality. An animation system allows details of a proposed completed design to be packaged and transferred to any PC for communication purposes. In this way, the most complicated mining processes can be effectively demonstrated to relevant personnel at all levels.

The 3d-Dig 2000 mining simulation system provides:

  • Detailed dragline simulation.
  • Topographic modelling including excavation and dumping simulation.
  • Full 3-dimensional visualisation and animation of all mining processes.
  • Detailed volumetric and productivity reporting.
  • Full topographic and visual representation of geology and mining surfaces.
  • Accurate visual representation of mining equipment.

3d-Dig 2000ís advanced modelling functionality is supported by a user friendly graphical interface. All functions and settings can be accessed by an intuitive system of menus, buttons and dialog boxes. The system comes with comprehensive manuals, provided in both hard copy and digital format, as well as extensive training and resource material.

3d-Dig 2000 applications include:

  • Topographic studies & analysis.
  • Equipment scheduling, both short and long term.
  • Developing life-of-mine dumping and final landform strategies.
  • Pit design optimisation.
  • Researching, developing and validating new mining methods.
  • Communicating plans to operations and management personnel